We are a full service planning consultancy
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We are experts in strategic plan-making and
developing strategies that are sustainable,
inclusive and economically viable


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Troy Planning + Design is a professional planning consultancy specialising in strategic and community planning, working on a wide range of public and private sector planning, development, and design related assignments across the UK and the USA.
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Our Founding Principles:

Positive Planning and Design

We believe that good planning and design are inseparable and their integration is essential in preparing and delivering plans and development proposals.

Community Engagement

We believe strongly in an inclusive approach to participation in planning and development projects.

Commitment to Creativity

We believe planning should be creative and we pledge to research and provide fresh, responsive, and intriguing ideas founded on best practice.

Innovation Through Technology

We believe that technologies should be used to improve and speed up the planning process and visualise possible futures.


We believe in building strong relationships with like-minded companies and organisations to provide a wider range of expertise to our clients.

Client Satisfaction

We believe client satisfaction is our top priority and strive to achieve it by developing and maintaining strong professional relationships.

Our Activity
November 6, 2017

Brownfield Land Registers: Research Findings Published

Our research outlines how Local Authorities are approaching production of their Brownfield Land Registers and draws out a series of recommendations to help maximise their potential to support plan-making and housing delivery functions.

Our Activity
October 27, 2017

London Plan Borough Housing Targets

We created interactive 3D maps showing the new housing targets and compared these with the 2015 targets for the London Boroughs.

Our Activity
October 12, 2017

South Downs National Park Local Plan out for Pre-Submission consultation

The deadline for representations is 21st November. We can prepare representations to the Plan on your behalf, to ensure that the Plan represents your views and development site potential supports the potential of your development interests or sites.

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