Design & Masterplanning

Troy Planning + Design can provide you with tailored services for design and masterplanning projects. As part of our services we are preparing GIS mapping and visualisations, including immersive Virtual Reality, renderings, diagrams and interactive 2D and 3D online maps.
Our design and masterplanning services are set out below (touch for more details):


Character Assessments

We undertake character assessments to identify the qualities of different places, the scale and form of development, streets and open spaces, to help generate locally influenced and derived masterplans and planning policies.


Capacity Assessments

We assess the optimum development potential, densities and development types for new and expanding areas. We make full use of digital technology to visualise different layouts and densities, which we link to viability testing to understand the real potential of the site.


Strategic Design

We prepare town centre frameworks and growth strategies, working with communities and statutory agencies to understand the wider context for change and how that can be embraced to enhance quality of place.


Design Review

We participate in design review panels and seek to improve the quality of design solutions through the use of tools such as Building for Life. Our advice is based upon good placemaking principles and responds to the local place.

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