Neighbourhood Planning

Troy Planning + Design can provide you with a tailored service for neighbourhood planning projects. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your project.
Our neighbourhood planning services are set out below (touch for more details):

and Engagement

Consultation and Engagement

We have expertise in community consultation and engagement at each stage of the process, such that it is inclusive, meaningful and well documented.  We run and facilitate workshops and exhibitions alongside innovative engagement techniques such as digital polling and interactive web solutions.

Tailored Advice
and Support

Tailored Advice and Support

We empower neighbourhood planning groups by giving them the tools needed to develop a Plan reflecting the vision and objectives of the community.  We can provide support to all stages of the process as well as undertaking discrete tasks or act as a ‘critical friend’ and can undertake Neighbourhood Plan ‘health checks’.

Policy Writing
and Evidence

Policy Writing and Evidence

We help write policies that seek to deliver your objectives but which can stand up to scrutiny at examination and also be implemented.  We will work with you to help identify and collect the evidence to justify policies.


Technical Assessments

We are able to prepare housing needs and site assessments, sustainability appraisals, strategic environmental assessments, infrastructure needs and viability assessments to help support and underpin neighbourhood plans.

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