Troy Planning + Design assisted Eastington Parish Council in the latter stages of its work to prepare the Eastington Neighbourhood Development Plan. We advised the Council on potential amendments following the Pre-Submission (‘Regulation 14’) consultation to ensure that the Plan met the ‘basic conditions’. This also included reflecting input following an ‘NPIERS’ health-check of the Plan.

Following these changes, we prepared the Basic Conditions Statement to support the submission version of the Plan.

This was successful in demonstrating that the plan satisfied the requirements of relevant legislation and planning policy, including clearly setting out the relationship between the Neighbourhood Plan and other development plan policies. The plan successfully passed Examination and was roundly endorsed at Referendum. The Eastington Neighbourhood Plan was formally ‘made’ in October 2016. You can read about our further work for the Parish Council here.

Location and Year

South-West England, 2016


Eastington Parish Council