The South Downs National Park Local Plan (2014 – 2033) is out for Pre-Submission consultation on the soundness and legality of the Plan. The deadline for representations is 21st November. This is the first Local Plan for the National Park as a single entity and will replace more than 1,000 existing policies from 12 local authorities, with just 92 new policies for the National Park. The Local Plan covers an area over 1,600 km2 from Winchester to Eastbourne.

The Plan will cover issues such as the landscape, wildlife and habitats, housing needs, employment and economic growth, tourism and recreation, facilities, and transport in the whole of the National Park area. The Local Plan makes provision for 4,750 new dwellings (250 per annum). This is against an objectively assessed housing need of 8,493 dwellings (447 per annum).

Whilst national planning policy rightly offers the highest status of protection to National Parks, meeting the needs for sustainable development means that all opportunities should be fully explored and scope for well-considered alterations to improve existing property should be supported, especially where concerns can be overcome by good design or suitable mitigation.

Troy Planning + Design’s Petersfield office can prepare representations to the Plan on your behalf, to ensure that the Plan represents your views and supports the potential of your development interests or sites.

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